Report: Kansas City Chiefs Will Draft Eric Fisher First Overall



The Kansas City Chiefs have the first pick in tonight’s draft but they apparently already know what they want to do with it. According to the Fort Worth Star-Ledger, the Chiefs have informed Luke Joeckel that he will not be their selection tonight and rather Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher will be the name called.

But while this sent waves through the NFL community, and set in motion some serious changes to team’s draft strategies, don’t be so quick to believe the hype. While the Fort Worth Star-Ledger may be reporting that the Chiefs have made up their minds, both ESPN’s Ed Werder and the New York Daily News are disputing those reports and are saying the Chiefs have informed no one of their ultimate decision.

It’s really up to you who to believe at this point, but while the media squabbles over who’s right and who’s wrong, Chiefs fans are left in a similar position of not knowing what’s going on. Perhaps one of the players’ agents discovered that Branden Albert is the Chief getting the most attention today, or maybe this is just another case of someone trying to report something first.

But now is reporting that they’ve been informed by sources that Fisher will be selected first overall, so it’s a wise idea to lean that way as we near the start of the draft.

Either way, it’s seems clear that the Chiefs are down to two solid names to choose from and assuming Werder’s source came from the Chiefs, they still don’t know what they’ll end up doing.

Perhaps the most likely answer is that Eric Fisher will indeed be the pick and the Chiefs (and Werder’s bosses at ESPN) want to milk the drama until the very last moment. But the question Chiefs fans must start asking themselves is if Fisher has indeed been decided on as the pick, is it the right move?