Chiefs’ Draft Table Is Set


Photo by Mike Fieldson

The 2013 NFL Draft is upon us and inside Radio City Music Hall here in NYC, the final preparations are being made for tonight’s festivities.

I will be there later today, but Chiefs fan, Mike Fieldson, is already at Radio City and is snapping a few pictures to share with Chiefs Nation.

The Chiefs are picking first so it looks like their table is way down in front this year. I will be position in the center of the auditorium with the other media so it may be a bit harder for me to spy on the KC representatives this year. In previous years, I would pass along information like when the reps got the phone call from Pioli. As the clock is ticking, sometimes those of us inside are able to glean if a trade might be taking place, based on the activity of the Chiefs officials and the NFL officials.

When the pick is called in, one of the two Chiefs reps will write it down on a card. There is usually a couple of NFL reps standing right next to the table so the process can move as quickly as possible. The pick has to be handed to the NFL rep before time runs out or the Chiefs will be skipped in the draft order until they make a selection. That isn’t something that happens often but there was an incident in recent years where one team forgot to call in a trade and so their trade partner was skipped.

Notice the Chiefs have their customary red and gold M & Ms. I believe those are shuttled over from the giant M & M’s store in Times Square.

I may have to stop in and pick some up on my way to the draft.