Arrowhead Addict Staffer Releases New Album, Talks Chiefs


Image credit: Chris Mullins

If you have been reading Arrowhead Addict for the last year, then you have been enjoying the columns of staff writer Stacy Smith. AA is made up of talented writers and passionate Chiefs fans, a combination we feel helps us bring you the absolute best Kansas City Chiefs coverage on the net.

When he is not writing about the Chiefs, Stacy often takes the stage as “Reach.” Reach is a long-time member of the KC Hiphop community. He’s release a few albums and has also helped to launch the careers of some local artists as part of his Young Lions series.

Reach has just released a new album, “Live at recordBar.” We take care of our own here at AA so I wanted to alert you all of Stacy’s new album and also talk a bit with him about his music and of course, the Kansas City Chiefs.

PA: How long have you been writing for Arrowhead Addict and why did you join the site?

SS: I’ve been writing for Arrowhead Addict since mid-July 2012. AA has always been one of my favorite watering holes for Chiefs commentary and news. I saw an open call for writers and realized this was the opportunity to get back into freelancing that I’d been waiting for. I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary as a staff writer and couldn’t be more excited about the future.

PA: I’ve known for a while you were involved in music but I was pleasantly surprised to find that you are just as solid a performer as you are a writer. When did you get started in music?

SS: I’ve been writing raps since I was 13, but I became a serious independent artist about 16 years ago.

PA: Who are your musical influences, past and present? 

SS: Kurupt and Keith Murray were my biggest influences during the formative years of my Hip Hop life. Today I draw inspiration from artists like Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar, Phonte, and George Watsky.

PA: On AA, you’re Stacy, but on stage you are “Reach.” What is the story behind that name?

SS: I think every emcee goes through a phase where they’re trying to find a stage name they truly identify with. I must’ve gone through a half-dozen in the early years. Shortly before I released my first album in 2004, I’d settled on “Preach” (named after a character from the film Cooley High). One of my closest friends (Anthony Adkins) got wind of that name, pulled me aside, and said, “It’s easier to ‘reach’ people than it is to ‘preach’ to people.” That really struck a chord with me so it’s been “Reach” ever since.

PA: The new album is “Live at recordBar.” Is it all new songs or just a collection of old ones recorded live?

SS: It’s a collection of previously released material recorded live.

PA: If someone was new to their music, which track on this album would you point to and say “This most represents me as an artist?”

SS: I think all of the songs represent me well. They all express a different side of me as an artist. “The Love” is one of my favorite songs from the album though. It’s always fun to do that particular song because it allows me to involve the crowd. That song made for one of the best moments on the album. During the taping I forgot my second verse and had to freestyle. Luckily, I pulled it off. Otherwise, the recording might’ve been ruined. 

PA: Favorite Chief of all time?

SS: Priest Holmes with a bullet.

PA: Now for the obligatory “what is the best BBQ in KC” question. Well?

SS: Oklahoma Joe’s with a bullet.

PA: Who are the Chiefs going to select in the draft Thursday night and who SHOULD they select?

SS: I expect the Chiefs to draft Eric Fisher (OT, Central Michigan). I also think that’s who the top pick should be for this football team.