Report: Dolphins Will Meet Albert’s Asking Price, Chiefs Are The Hangup


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Miami Dolphins are prepared to meet Branden Albert’s asking price if the Kansas City Chiefs will agree to trade the LT to the Dolphins.

But the Chiefs may not agree to do so.

According to Rapoport, while Miami has no problem paying Albert, they do have a problem with what the Chiefs are asking in return for the trade.

From RotoWorld:

"“I’m told the Dolphins do not have a problem with that,” Rapoport said of Albert’s price tag. “I know some people are saying different. I’m told they don’t have a problem with it.” Per Rapoport, Albert wants “Duane Brown money” — not Jake Long money. Brown signed a six-year, $53.4 million extension last August, with $22.08 million guaranteed. It sounds like the Chiefs will send Albert to the Dolphins if the sides agree to trade terms. Miami has two second-rounders, but would prefer to part with No. 54 rather than 42."

Interesting. There have been other reports floating about that the Chiefs and Dolphins have agreed to trade terms and that it was Albert’s contract demands that are the hangup.

I am not sure what to think here. After all, the Dolphins let Jake Long walk because they didn’t want to pay him. Now we are supposed to believe they are willing to trade a pick and pay Branden Albert a very expensive contract?

Rapoport elaborated on Twitter.

So according to Rapoport, everyone is waiting on the Chiefs. I assume “everyone” is the Dolphins and the Albert camp. It sounds like the Dolphins have put the 5th overall pick on the table and the Chiefs are staunchly demanding the 42nd pick instead.

If that is the case, then I see this deal getting done fairly soon. The Chiefs and Dolphins are essentially playing chicken here and at some point one of them is going to blink.

This is a pretty deep draft so I can understand the Chiefs wanting to get as high up int he second round as possible. Similarly, I can understand why Miami would want to hang on to No. 42.

Clearly the Chiefs and Dolphins are talking and clearly there is some misinformation beng put out there.

What do you think, Addicts?