Branden Albert Trade Rumors: Chiefs Haven’t Heard From Dolphins In 5 Days


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have given the Miami Dolphins permission to negotiate with LT Branden Albert, however, according to a recent report from Pro Football Talk, the Chiefs haven’t heard from the Dolphins in five days.

From PFT:

"We’ll now point out that the window is closing on a trade that would send Branden Albert from Kansas City to Miami.While the physical isn’t as critical in Albert’s situation as it was for Revis, the physical still needs to happen before any draft pick is surrendered and used by the team trading the player.As of Sunday, it had been at least five days since the Chiefs had heard from the Dolphins about a possible trade. Albert’s asking price on a long-term deal could be the problem."

If the Chiefs gave Miami permission to negotiate with Albert then presumably the two sides had a deal on the table both felt comfortable with. The thinking here is that if Miami can work out a deal with Albert for a long-term contract extension then the trade will go down.

But there have been recent reports that Albert may be asking for more than Miami is willing to pay. If that is the case, the Dolphins may punt and take their chances in the 2013 NFL Draft.

It is a bit disconcerting that the Chiefs haven’t heard from the Dolphins but I wouldn’t worry too much. At this point, the Chiefs probably know that either a trade will get done in time or it won’t and I am sure GM John Dorsey and head coach Andy Reid have prepared for both outcomes.

The clock is ticking but we are still a few days away from the start of the draft. There is no guarantee that a deal will get done before the end of the first round on Thursday night. The Dolphins may wish to drag out the scenario so they can see what the Chiefs will do at No. 1 first. For instance, if Miami waits to pull the trigger on a deal for Albert, the Chiefs may decide to select a player at a position other than tackle. If that happens, Miami gets a little close to maybe being able to secure one of the top three tackles in the draft on their own. If the Dolphins can find a partner willing to let them move up to take either Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson for the same draft pick compensation that the Chiefs are asking for Albert, why wouldn’t they do it? Miami would be getting a younger and cheaper option at the position.

Still, everyone involved here is rolling the dice. The Chiefs are rolling the dice that they will be able to get a deal done. Albert is rolling the dice that the Dolphins or Chiefs will become desperate enough that they will give him the contract he is looking for and the Dolphins could be rolling the dice that they will be able to make something work on draft day.

Unless a trade gets done soon, however, someone is going to lose.