Making The Most Of Your Arrowhead Addict Experience

Hi folks,

First, I just want to directly thank all the readers and commenters that make Arrowhead Addict such an awesome site. We love writing about the Chiefs every day and it is because our readers are terrific.

AA has been around for a while and as the site and the network that AA is a part of, the FanSided Network, continues to grow, we sometimes have to make small tweaks and changes to improve the reader experience.

Back in the day, a very few FanSided NFL sites got their own iPhone and Android apps. There was one for AA and I know many of you have it.

This is what the old AA app looks like:

This sucker is ancient. It was developed a long time ago and the support we receive for it is sporadic. Recently, there have been issues with ads making it almost unusable. We’ve asked for support to take care of it so hopefully it will be working smoothly again soon.

This old app works for both iPhone users and Android users. Currently, it is the only app we have available on Android.

But don’t worry. That will soon be changing.

For now, if you are a Droid user and are having issues with this app, I suggest visiting Arrowhead Addict through your browser on your phone. We have a way of viewing the page that way that is pretty user-friendly. I believe you will even be prompted to put a shortcut to AA on your phone’s home screen. It is called “Swipe.” You won’t receive push notifications when we post something new but it should be better than the old AA app for now.

This is what it looks like if you visit AA from your phone’s browser.

This version has had a few ad issues as well but it is much easier to navigate than that old app. If you are a Droid user, this is your best bet. As I mentioned above, just put a shortcut on your home screen and you can access AA pretty easily. This version also allows you to comment so you can keep up with the conversation.









For iPhone users, if you are using that old AA app above, you need to delete it and download the FanSided app.

This is FanSided’s new app and it not only allows you to follow AA, but also the other great sites in the network.

The app is free. You just download it from the app store and then choose which FanSided sites you want to subscribe to. Then, any time one of those site’s posts a new story, you will get a notification.

If you like how AA is always on top of breaking news, then you will love this app. You’ll get a notification the instant we publish anything.

Currently, the FanSided app is only for iPhone but we will have a Droid version in a couple of months. Rest assured, I will post about it when it finally hits.


Download the FanSided app now!

Not on your phone?

Just click here and this service will send the FanSided app to your phone now!

Hopefully this clears up any confusions about our apps and ways you can access the site. Once the Droid version of the FanSided app is ready, we will likely discontinue the old AA app. The FanSided app is definitely the way to keep up with AA, now and in the future.

Thanks again for you continued support and readership. We hope these new tools enable you get your Chiefs fix with ease.

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