Dolphins Could Offer Second-Round Pick To Chiefs For Branden Albert, Says Clayton


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In a somewhat vague tweet, ESPN NFL expert John Clayton suggested that the Miami Dolphins could offer the Kansas City Chiefs a second-round draft pick for LT Branden Albert.

Here is the tweet:

Hmm. Clayton’s tweet is kind of hard to understand. They way he starts off the tweet, with “Updating from the owners meetings” kind of makes it sound like he is about to make a report or at the very least, that what he is about to say is based on buzz he is hearing in Phoenix.

He then goes on to say “I think the Dolphins could…” which just adds to the confusion.

Clayton isn’t the first to suggest this scenario. With former Dolphin tackle Jake Long departing in free agency, the Miami will be in the market for a LT. Many a Chiefs fan has suggested on Twitter that Miami would be an ideal trade partner, based on their two second-round picks.

Clayton hasn’t tweeted anything else so I think that at this point, we have to take this as his opinion. Still, it is possible he is hearing some buzz which is what caused him to tweet this.

Do you think the Chiefs would deal Albert for a second-round pick?