Chiefs Free Agency 2013: Who Are The New Guys?


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have been super busy so far in NF Free Agency.

Thankfully, Arrowhead Addict is a ember of the awesome FanSided network of sports sites. That means I was able to reach out to some of my fellow FanSided editors to get the skinny on some of our new Chiefs.

Here is what they had to say:

Ryan Sakamoto, Niner Noise on Alex Smith:

"In Alex Smith the Chiefs are getting a serviceable quarterback with a good head on his shoulders. He will not “wow” you but good enough to get the job done and win. He does not have the ability to throw the deep ball 30-40 yards down the field, but he doesn’t have to considering Andy Reid will be running the WCO. Smith will get you a stat line of around 20-25 touchdown and 10-14 interceptions. He will not be a Pro-Bowler but better rather a solid starter."

Alan Schechter, The Jet Press on Mike DeVito:

"Here’s some info on Mike DeVito for you…… and the “Addicts” will love him. Great lunch pail guy, works hard, plays far above his ability. He is a run stopperyou won’t see him do too much on passing downs.God bless you guys for overpaying him like that though….nice player…."

Brian Miller, Phin Phanatic on Anthony Fasano:

"The Kansas City Chiefs got a really good team player to play TE for their offense. 16 million buys a lot but it won’t likely be happiness from the Chiefs fan base. I have been following Fasano since before he came to Miami while in Dallas. He was my predicted first choice of the then Bill Parcells era and sure enough on the eve of that draft, Anthony Fasano was traded to Miami. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Fasano is a big TE with a lot of physical ability. He is a very solid blocking TE and in Miami he was used more often than not as a blocker. While the highlight reel for Fasano will show great one handed grabs, diving catches, and amazing ability to twist while in the air and stay focused, the reality is that Fasano has been far too inconsistent over the years in the passing game to truly get excited about. While he can make the great catches, he often drops the ones he should catch.Fasano is able to use his body well enough to shield off defenders but he does not possess speed to be a legit seam threat off the line. In addition, Fasano does not run crisp routes. He needs room to work and when he has it he is very good but still erratic. All of that being said, Fasano has been a stellar locker room player and while he isn’t a loud vocal leader, he leads in other ways. He has a great work ethic and is not a player who will throw his team under the bus.All in all, personally, I will miss seeing Fasano on the sideline. I have a used practice jersey and one of his face-masks and he was pretty close to my favorite player on the roster due to his fight and drive to be better. While I’m sad to see him go, I admittedly understand that the Dolphins needed to upgrade the position."