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Chiefs, Eagles Have Discussed Nick Foles, According To Report


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have discussed the availability of QB Nick Foles to KC.

From USA Today Sports:

"The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because the conversations weren’t to be discussed publicly, said the Eagles conveyed to the Chiefs what they’ve been saying through the media – they like Foles and plan on giving him a chance to compete with Michael Vick for the starting job."

Let’s get one thing straight right now; nearly all NFL players are available for trades.

Sure, the Green Bay Packers may turn down a ten first-round selections for Aaron Rodgers but not many players are untouchable.

The Eagles may very well plan to give Foles a shot at the starting job. They may very well want to keep him as a backup. But even if they are interested in trading Foles, there is no reason for them to tell the Chiefs that now.

Since the new league year hasn’t started, Foles can’t be traded right now. Besides, there is a lot that has to happen in the next few weeks. Franchise tags need to be given out, the NFL Combine must be completed. The Eagles and Chiefs are still compiling their intel and deciding how to shape their rosters.

A couple of weeks after the start of free agency, everything could change.

For now, we know that the Chiefs are interested in acquiring a veteran. The NFL rumor mill is in full swing at the Combine.

Chances are, this won’t be the last of the Foles/KC talk, despite what the Eagles are saying now.