Branden Albert Wants To Stay With The Chiefs


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Kanas City Chiefs fans hoping that LT Branden Albert will re-sign with the team rather than leave in free agency got some good news today when Albert declared he wanted to stay in Kansas City.

Albert appeared on The Danny Parkins Show on 610 Sports today and wax asked if he wanted to stay.

“Of course,” Albert said. “I’ve been here five years, I was drafted by the Chiefs. My home is there, been living there, and Chiefs fans for the most part have been kind to me. I want to be a Chief.”

Albert also scoffed when he was asked about potentially moving to guard.

“I’ve worked hard to be a left tackle in this league, said Alert. “I’ve worked hard on my craft. from where I started to where I’m at now is a hell of a jump. I’m not a guard. Point blank.”

You can’t blame Albert for being irritated. He is a very solid NFL LT and every single offseason there is talk from experts about the Chiefs drafting a tackle and moving him to guard. Yet every offseason, regardless of who is doing the drafting, the Chiefs have not selected a tackle in the first round of the draft and Albert has stayed put at LT.

What will happen this year, however, is a bit of a mystery. The Chiefs have a new GM in John Dorsey and a new coach in Andy Reid. Albert’s contract is up so it will be up to the new regime to decide whether or not to pay up and re-sign Albert or to let him walk.

I think it would be absolutely brainless for the Chiefs to forego paying Albert, only to turn around and draft a tackle #1 overall. Albert may not end up in the Hall of Fame but he is certainly a starting LT in the NFL. Throw a decent QB behind him and he might just become a Pro Bowler.

I am a firm believer that it is foolish to throw away a sure thing to bet on an unknown. The Chiefs need to re-sign Albert (and Dwayne Bowe, for that matter) and use their #1 pick on a QB. Because unlike tackle, there isn’t an NFL QB on the Chiefs’ roster.

Not a starter, anyway.

(h/t Arrowhead Pride)