Report: Chiefs’ New Head Coach Will Help Decide Pioli’s Fate


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It appears as though Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt could be going after some very big fish in his search for a new head coach.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Hunt’s choice for head coach will help determine Pioli’s fate.

Hunt said earlier in a statement that Pioli’s fate had not yet been decided. He also said that he, Hunt, would begin searching for a new head coach, indicating that Pioli would not be involved.

It is hard to foresee a situation where a new head coach would want Pioli involved. Unless Hunt decides to hire Josh McDaniels or someone else with Patriots roots, I’d imagine the new coach would want to work with his own people.

This also could indicate that Hunt is interested in some head coaching candidates that could want final say in personnel decisions. Think guys like Bill Cowher and John Gruden.

Hunt reportedly thinks highly of Pioli. By keeping him around for now, he gives the new coach the opportunity to work with Pioli or discard him. At the same time, Hunt keeps Pioli off the market, potentially from going to one of his competitors.

Looks like we could be in for an interesting couple of days.