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Another Report Saying Pioli Stays


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We have another report stating that Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli will be retained.

This one comes from Steve Wyche:

"According to’s Steve Wyche, the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to retain general manager Scott Pioli despite a disastrous season, according to a source briefed on the situation. Coach Romeo Crennel won’t be as fortunate. The source said Crennel likely will be fired, although no final decision has been made on the coach’s future."

The prevailing thought seems to be that if Pioli does return, he will go after Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz as a possible head coaching candidate, as it is widely believed Rome Crennel will be canned.

If Ferentz is brought in, that could be good news for Chiefs QB Ricky Stanzi, who played under Frentz at Iowa.

Stay tuned. The rumors are likely to continue flying.