Voice Of The Chiefs, Mitch Holthus, Says Player Has ‘Puerto Rican Temper’


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs play by play announce Mitch Holthus could find himself in some water this week following some remarks he made last evening during the Kansas State, Florida basketball game.

Holthus, best known as the “Voice of the Chiefs” also sometimes moonlights as a play by play announcer for ESPN. During last night’s game, Holthus accused Angel Rodriguez of having a “Puerto Rican temper.”

Here’s the quote:

"That’s sometimes where the Puerto Rican temper kicks in there. They need him on the floor instead of picking up a third foul."

Here’s the video over at Deadspin.

I feel bad for Mitch but you just can’t do this kind of stuff, especially in the industry he is in. Clearly Mitch’s intention was not malicious but regardless of intent, his words served to perpetuate stereotypes we need to discourage.

There has been no response thus far from Holthus or ESPN. No word yet on if this incident will harm Holthus’ position with the Chiefs.