Chiefs Vs. Colts: Inside The Enemy Camp


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The Kansas City Chiefs are just hours away from

losing their thirteenth game of the season

a showdown with the Indianapolis Colts. To help get you ready for all the action, I sat down with FanSided’s Colts editor Jeremy Nicholas to get the inside scoop on what we can expect from the Indy side of things.

Let’s go “Inside The Enemy Camp” with Jeremy from Naptowns Finest!

Last year, the Chiefs helped you guys on your way to the #1 pick by storming from behind to beat the Colts. This year, the Colts can help the Chiefs by making sure they continue to lose. Will Andrew Luck and company oblige?

If the Colts win, they are in the playoffs. If not, then they must defeat the Texans in Week 17 to ensure a spot. Indy has yet to lose two games in a row this season, so I do expect a bounce-back game for the Colts this Sunday. I don’t count the Chiefs out, though. The Colts have had trouble stopping the run this season, and Kansas City is always a tough place to play. Four of Indy’s five losses have came on the road.

Speaking of the #1 overall pick, shares some wisdom with us. There may not be another Andrew Luck in this draft but chances are one of these QBs in this class will turn out to be pretty good. If the Chiefs get it right, it could be a franchise changing moment. Many fans are against losing for draft position. Tell us, was last year’s Colts misery worth it?

The Andrew Luck/Peyton Manning soap opera was hard in many ways, but was not the fault of either player. Manning was not the only person who shed a tear at his farewell press conference. Luck’s mental toughness throughout all of the questions and comparisions (to not only Manning, but to the rest of this amazing rookie QB class) has been nothing short of astounding. This young man is poised, and performs well beyond his years. The move was a hard one, but it seems that ten years down the road, this franchise could very well have multiple Lombardi trophies with Andrew Luck. Totally worth it.

Is it just Andrew Luck that has helped turn around the Colts or have some other players stepped up as well? What else is different this year for Indy?

So many of the Colts’ rookies have stepped up when called upon this season. Running back Vick Ballard was drafted in the fifth-round, and has now been called upon to be an every-down rusher for the Colts. Wide out T.Y. Hilton and tight end Dwayne Allen have also become top-notch targets for Luck.

This whole team has had an overhaul, including putting Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis as outside linebackers, after a decade of Hall-of-Fame production as defensive ends. The Colts are a totally different team than they used to be, from the front office, to coaching, to scheme, and on down to the flavor of the Gatorade. It was a welcome and much-needed change. The amazement is how quickly it has all seemed to come together. This team has totally bought-in to Chuck Pagano and Bruce Arians, and I attribute a lot of that to how many young quality players have been brought in.

Who are some yougn Colts KC fans may not have heard of that they should keep an eye on Sunday?

You could throw a dart at our roster on offense and probably hit a rookie. The crazy thing is, many of the rookies we drafted, have quickly become starters. Keep an eye out for Luck and his young weapons on offense, they could be around for a long time together.

If you could take one player from the Chiefs and put him on the Colts, who would it be?

There have already been whispers that Dewayne Bowe might be looking to move once his contract is up in KC. I’ve already heard his name mentioned in connection with the Colts. Having Bowe opposite of Reggie Wayne would be amazing, and would immediately become one of the best wide out combos in the league. On top of that, I’m tired of seeing Bowe light up the Colts when they play.

Prediction for Sunday?

I could see Kansas City try to keep it a low-scoring game, but think that the Colts will try and do the opposite. The Colts have had a tendency to slip-up early, but turn it on late. Arians has given Luck the green light to chuck it downfield, and I expect him to do just that. I’d see a possible 37-16 win by the Colts, considering they have so much on the line.