Chiefs Entering Most Exciting Offseason In Franchise History


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are just two more losses away from entering what will likely be the most exciting offseason in franchise history.

That isn’t the way fans would prefer it, of course. Fans would much rather be riveted by exciting wins and good football on Sundays rather than scouting reports and draft picks in April.

Still, the fact that NFL teams can turn things around so quickly is part of what has made the NFL offseason so popular. The promise of a fresh start seems to re-energize fan bases weary from watching 16 games of atrocious and frustrating football.

For fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, the 2013 offseason is like to be a welcome relief from what has been one of the worst seasons in the history of the proud franchise. The Chiefs are currently 2-12 and with games looming against the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos, two teams fighting for playoff seeding, it is reasonable to believe KC will finish the season 2-14.

2-14 seasons usually bring with them major changes and that will probably be the case in Kansas City.

Here is a list of things Chiefs fans have to look forward to once the football games end:

1. New GM

Current Chiefs GM Scott Pioli is likely on his way out. He’s had four years to turn around the Chiefs and save a 10-6 season in 2010, Pioli will likely leave the Chiefs the same way he found them. 2-14.

2. New head coach

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel may be respected in league circles but his head coaching record is abysmal. The Chiefs were a trendy pick to win the AFC West under Crennel and they’ve instead proven to be the worst team in the NFL. The Chiefs fired last year’s head coach, Todd Haley, after a 5-8 start to the 2011 season. This season, Crennel is making Haley look like Vince Lombardi.

3. #1 pick in the draft

Pop quiz. Can you remember the last time the Chiefs had the #1 pick in the draft?

The answer?


The highest the Chiefs have ever picked is #2, a selection they’ve only had three times. In 1978 they took DE Art Still, in 1979 it was DE Mike Bell and in 1988 the Chiefs selected DE Neil Smith.

While DE is a likely need for the 2013 Chiefs, I don’t think we’ll be seeing the team take one with their first pick.

No, the Chiefs are in desperate need of a QB. KC hasn’t selected a first round QB since Todd Blackledge in 1983.

You can bet that before the draft, one of the available QBs will distinguish himself and chances are, that is who the Chiefs will pick.

The fun will be the lead up as fans debate the merits of the potential QBs, which will be a heck of a lot more fun than talking about how bad Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn have been.

4. New coordinators

You can bet that if the Gm and coach are sent packing, the coordinators will be sent packing as well. The Chiefs will be reborn this offseason and there could be some exciting names in the booth and on the sidelines for KC in 2013.

5. Free agents

The Chiefs will certainly be busy in free agency this offseason, if not simply because they have a number of their own players that need to be re-signed. Also, new regimes like to bring in their own players to fit their own schemes so chances are the Chiefs’ roster will see a significant makeover.

6. Renewed hope

The Chiefs have some talented players on their roster and the new regime will likely have an easier time turning things around than Scott Pioli did. Most of the talent that was present when Pioli took over the roster is still around. Add to that some of the draft picks that Pioli has hit on, like Justin Houston and the Chiefs shouldn’t have to go through a poor “getting to know you” season like they did in 2009 when Pioli gutted the roster.

Pioli has thrown around the word “process” a lot since arriving in Kansas City. Chiefs fans were patient but the empty seats at Arrowhead Stadium will tell you that that patience has run out. New regime, new QB and new hope aside, the pressure to win in Kansas City will be on from day one.

What do you think, Addicts? Can you ever remember being more excited for an offseason?