Romeo Crennel Post Game Comments


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel took the podium following the team’s latest humiliating loss.

We were able to jot down some of his highlight quotes. Keep in mind this is not a complete transcript. will post that later.

"Defensively we tried to hang in there but we missed too many tackles. On a couple of third downs we weren’t able to get off the field."

"If there’s a bright spot in the game, it’s the punter."

"We weren’t able to win up front because they were able to control us in all phases."

"I think statistically you might be able to say that."

(On if it was the worst offensive game he’d ever coached)

"Because I thought the younger guys would give us a better chance so I dressed the younger guys."

(On why Breaston didn’t dress).

"We couldn’t get anything going offensively and I think that hurt us."

"Not very many holes today."