Shaun Smith Training Documentary


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs DE Shaun Smith is perhaps one of the most popular players on the team.

Fan love Smith for his play and antics on the field and for his personable demeanor off the field. Smith frequently engages with fans on Twitter. When the Chiefs failed to re-sign him following the 2010 season, KC fans were pretty upset. Smith ended up signing with the Titans but found himself a free agent following thee 2011 season. He remained so until the Chiefs re-signed him when DE Glenn Dorsey was placed on IR a couple of weeks ago.

During his time off, Smith continued to stay in shape, working out daily in case a team called and wanted his services.

Well now there is an eight-part training documentary of Smith working out.

We’ve got the first three parts for you below. It is a pretty interesting look at what NFL players need to do on a daily basis to stay on top of their game. I know that AA staffer Big Matt has been begging anyone who would listen for a Shaun “Perv” Smith training video for a while. It looks as though his wish is granted.

Remember: It’s a grind.