5 Reasons To Watch The Chiefs Lose To The Broncos



The Kansas City Chiefs are just a few hours away from getting the living crap kicked out of them by the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium.

Don’t get mad at me. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. The Chiefs are double-digit underdogs int his game for a reason. The Chiefs are starting Brady Quinn behind a banged up offensive line that could feature two rookies, against Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil. That alone would be cause for concern, not to mention the fact that Peyton Manning will be leading the charge on the offensive side of the ball.

Even if the Chiefs play mistake-free football, they’re going to have a bear of a time competing today. They just don’t seem to have the fire-power.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tune in. Here are five reasons to watch the Chiefs lose to the Broncos.

1. Justin Houston

Justin Houston has cooled a bit over the middle of the season but that doesn’t mean today won’t be the day he has another big game. A talented player, Houston has had his growth stunted somewhat thanks to the terrible overall performance of this Chiefs team. Still, Houston is still developing and the Chiefs as him to do a lot. Over the final six games of the season, I expect Houston to make his presence known. He will be a key piece for KC in 2013.

2. Tony Moeaki

If you’ve been watching the Chiefs over the last couple of weeks there has been no denying that TE Tony Moeaki appears to be getting his swagger back. After missing his entire sophomore season with a torn ACL, Moeaki is starting to become a factor in the passing game once again. This is good news for the future QB of the Chiefs, a guy that probably isn’t on the roster right now.

3. Eric Berry

Eric Berry is also making his way back from a terrible injury. It has been happening slowly but Berry, like Moeaki, has been making some plays here and there down the stretch. Romeo Crennel trusts Berry with a lot of responsibility and the SS has fallen short this year, to say the least.

But I don’t think Berry is a bust. He’s shown flashes that he is on his way back and he is too smart and talented of a player to continue playing poorly.

Players coming off ACL surgery often have an average year when returning from that injury. With Moeaki and Berry, I think we are seeing a perfect storm of two guys coming off a bad injury while also suffering from a lack of NFL experience. These guys are worth tuning in for.

4. Jamaal Charles

If the Chiefs can get Charles the ball enough, they always have a chance. JC is one of the most exciting players in the NFL and his ability to hit the home run should keep any KC’s fans attention.

5. They might actually win

It’s true. This is the NFL and no matter how high the odds are stacked against the Chiefs, they could come out and surprise us today. Nobody thought the woeful Jacksonville Jaguars had a chance against the mighty Houston Texans a couple of weeks ago and yet the Jags nearly pulled it out.

Every year there is a game the Chiefs win that nobody thought they would. Last year it was the Packers game. In 2010, it was the season opener against the Chargers. In 2009, it was the Steelers game.

The Chiefs have only won one game this season. You don’t want to miss it if they upset Manning and the Donkeys, do you?