Time For Clark Hunt To Speak Up


I was originally going to give my observations on the latest Kansas City Chiefs loss in this post. I just don’t have it in me. At this point none of the details seem to matter any more. Until the big picture gets addressed does it matter if Brady Quinn looked a little better than Matt Cassel? Does it matter if Branden Albert and Dwayne Bowe can play next week against Denver? Does it matter if Dontari Poe showed a couple flashes again? Does it matter that we got THREE running out of bounds related penalties on special teams in ONE GAME? Maybe it does, but I’m just exhausted from caring about those little things all week long only to get blown out by mediocre teams by 20+ points come game day.

Stop and think about it. In the last month we have been dominated at home by two of the most historically inept teams in the history of the NFL, the Raiders and the Bengals. These two teams have been national punch lines for decades and now they both look better run, more talented, and like they are more dedicated to winning. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Oh wait….yes it does.

The stands are half empty, 50% of the people that were there were wearing black in protest of the current state of the team, people are wearing bags over their heads, there are rumors out there that fans were not allowed into the game with anti-Pioli signs, and someone actually listed the Chiefs as a cause of death in their obituary.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are blowing right on past teams like the Raiders, Browns, Bengals, and Lions and are headed to a whole new level of embarrassment.


Because the team has given us no reason to have any hope for the future.

Being terrible with a hope for the future is one thing. Being terrible and thinking that the owner doesn’t care and may not do anything about it is another.

That is why Clark Hunt can’t hide any longer.

He MUST give the people that support his team a reason to believe. Is it my hope that me comes out later today and says Scott Pioli has been fired? Yes, but as much as most fans would love that, he doesn’t actually have to fire anyone right now to help the situation. He just has to let the fans know that he’s upset and disappointed and that Chiefs fans can rest assured that he will make sure that the necessary changes are made so that this doesn’t happen again.

He should tell the fans that’s he’s embarrassed by what’s happened to his team. He should tell them that he’s going to look at every last part of the football operation from the front office, to the coaching staff, to the players and figure out who is part of the solution and who is part of the problem. He should reassure fans that his number one priority is getting this fixed and returning this team to the prestigious organization that his father created.

I know a lot of people would question how believable these statements would be without any actions to back them up, but at least he would be on the record as upset and dedicated to changing things. His silence, fair or not, is interpreted as acceptance and that is fueling the hopelessness and frustration that fans are feeling. Bud Adams, the owner of the Titans put his entire organization on notice after a 51-20 beat down to the Chicago Bears. His team responded with a 37-3 win on the road at Miami the next week. The Kansas City Chiefs have become WAY too used to losing. They need a fire lit under them. Romeo and Pioli lack the credibility to do it at this point since the players know that they may not be around much longer (hopefully). Clark Hunt is the only one that can do it.

His team is a joke, a laughing stock, the worst team in the NFL. It’s beyond the players just playing better. It’s beyond the coaches coming up with a better game plan. It’s beyond Scott Pioli finding better players. This team needs a new direction. Clark Hunt is the only one that can demand that.

We’re waiting Clark. We WANT to believe! We WANT to show up in the tens of thousands, draped in red from head to toe. We WANT to stay until the very last whistle, screaming our heads off the entire time. You just have to give us some hope, a reason to believe that you’re as passionate about getting this fixed as we are. We need some sign that this team means more to you then a bottom line. We need you Clark, we need you to speak up, and our patience is running out.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!