Who Should The Chiefs Start At QB This Sunday?


July 27, 2012; St. Joseph, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks (left to right) Brady Quinn (9), and Ricky Stanzi (12), and Matt Cassel (7), and Alex Tanney (4) run drills during training camp at Missouri Western State University. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

The Kansas City Chiefs may very well have the worst collection of QBs in the NFL.

Let me be clear, they stink. BAD!!!

So when I ask you who you would like to see start at QB this Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, it’s about the same as asking you whether you’d like to be punched in the face, stomach, or somewhere south of the border. There is no great answer (although I’ve always felt like stomach would be the way to go).

My point is that since there is no good answer, which option will you find the least pathetic as the Chiefs slog their way through the remaining seven games of the season?

Here are your choices:

Matt Cassel

Matt Cassel is a horrible starting NFL QB. At one point in his career he looked like he could be a mediocre starting QB, but those days are long gone. He stinks on ice. REALLY, REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, he’s caps lock and multiple exclamation marks bad.) However, the depressing thing is that he is probably the best QB on this roster. If your desire is for the Chiefs to be as competitive as possible and try to win as many games as possible, Cassel is probably your best bet. He is on a record pace for turnovers though and the fans are SO opposed to him playing that it probably hurts overall team morale when he’s on the field. With the SaveOurChiefs.com movement planning their “blackout” game this Sunday, I’m not sure starting Cassel coming off a game-losing interception will go over very well.

Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn has also shown himself to be a BAD starting NFL QB. At this point he has less proven “suckitude” than Cassel, but the fact remains that in training camp Quinn clearly looked worse than Cassel. He seems to have a better arm than Cassel, but he’s also proven to be a bit of a turnover machine as well. If Quinn could just not turn the ball over he would immediately be an upgrade, especially with his stronger arm. I don’t think anyone thinks there is a long-term future for Quinn in KC, so like Cassel, he would just be a placeholder until the Chiefs could find someone new next year.

Ricky Stanzi

Stanzi seems to be the most popular choice at this point. The common rationale being that he’s young and there could still be some upside there. He’s also the only QB on the roster with a strong chance to make the team again next season. Here’s the problem. On a team with HORRIBLE QBs, Ricky Stanzi was by far the worst looking in camp and preseason. When given a chance to run with the “twos” in the preseason he was AWFUL. How awful, you ask? He was so bad that Matt Cassel thought to himself ,”Man, that guy really panics under pressure!” Brady Quinn thought to himself, “Man, that guy’s so bad he would lose a QB battle to Derek Anderson!” So yes, giving Stanzi a chance would at least let us see if he has anything to offer, but it could also turn Chiefs games into an even bigger joke than they already are (and that’s saying something).

So who do you want out there this Sunday?

If it was my call, and he is healthy, I would go with Quinn. It allows us to move on from Matt Cassel, which is good because of his constant turnovers and the angry mob waiting for him at Arrowhead should he play and turn the ball over again. It also gives the Chiefs a better chance to be competitive down the stretch than if they went with Ricky Stanzi. That’s my take, now what’s yours?