Chiefs vs. Steelers: Picking The Game


Vincent Pugliese-US PRESSWIRE

Things are pretty bad for the Kansas City Chiefs.

With KC widely considered the worst team in the NFL, doing these roundup posts of who is and isn’t picking the Chiefs to win is kind of losing its luster. No surprises here…

Over at ESPN, the experts are all picking the Steelers. As are the fans in the pick’em leagues.

Accuscore has the the Chiefs not only losing, but getting slaughtered. In the simulations, the Chiefs lost by an average of 29.2 to 14.2. Yikes.’s experts, who have been, how can I put it, kind, to the Chiefs in their predictions this season are finally seeing the light. All of them are going Steelers.

Pro Football Talk?

Nope. Both are going with Pittsburgh.

In fact, I’ll give a buffalo nickel to anyone who can find somebody other than a raving lunatic or a Chiefs homer that is picking the Chiefs.