This coming football weekend the Chiefs will face the Steele..."/> This coming football weekend the Chiefs will face the Steele..."/>

Of Bets and Bad Tempers



This coming football weekend the Chiefs will face the Steelers on Monday Night Football, and given the shape the Chiefs have been in, I expect it to be brutal. That being said, I don’t particularly care for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But I do live in Pennsylvania and they are the “home” team, so I have to put up with their fans quite a bit. One of those (unfortunate) fans happens to be my wife. Not only is she a diehard Steelers fans, but every single one of my in-laws are: whoopee!!!

Normally when Kansas City goes head-to-head with Pittsburgh, my wife and I are glued to the TV, volleying taunts and insults back and forth, while I do the same with my brother-in-law through texts.

I am so gonna get slammed this year.

So much so that if the Chiefs are only able to win one more game for the rest of the season, I hope and pray that it’s this one. Of course, the Chiefs organization isn’t making an upset outcome look any likelier. It would’ve been nice to see Gibbs promoted earlier in the season. Would’ve been nicer, still, to see them keep their second-best CB on the team at least long enough to help hamper the pass-heavy Steelers offense.

History is a little bit on my side though. Since meeting my wife, the Chiefs and Steelers have only played twice before. One was last year where, though the Chiefs defense kept the score low enough, Palko* was just incompetent enough to allow the Steelers to win. This, obviously, isn’t in my favor. However, in 2009, a season in which the Chiefs wound up going 4-12, a season much the same as this one, one of the Chiefs’ four wins came against the Steelers in an OT victory so sweet that I can still taste it. As Succop lined up for the game-winning field goal, my wife attempted to flee the room. I say “attempted” because I was quick to bearhug her from behind and force her to watch her beloved (wretched) Steelers lose to a craptastic Kansas City team that was only 2-7 going into that game. It was, in a word, glorious.

*Or as my brother-in-law and I henceforth referred to him as: Brucie.

Palko knew he shouldn’t’ve eaten that popcorn

That was November 22nd. We’re a little bit earlier this year. At this time in 2009 the Chiefs were 1-7 (sound familiar?). Hopefully the football gods will smile upon our Chiefs this coming Monday and give us (and especially me*) something to be happy about.

*Yes, I am being that self-centered.

To make things more interesting, my wife and I have the running bet that whenever our teams play one another the victor gets the bed all to themselves for that night, and the loser is relegated to the couch. Quite a suiting bet considering that by the end of the game we’ve spat so much crap at one another, and the victor is so heavily gloating and boastful, that we don’t want to be in the same room with another, let alone the same bed. The next day when the sore wounds have healed some, we determine the game’s MVP, also known as “Reason for Divorce” (what? I said when the wounds heal some).

What do you think, Addicts? Will a bad Chiefs team be able to beat the Steelers just as they did in 2009? Will my back be killing me on Tuesday? Do you have an odd/unique running bet you’d like to share in the comments? I’m all ears.

Until next time: (For the love of all that is holy) Go Chiefs!!!