Store Offering 50% Off Chiefs Gear Until Scott Pioli Is Fired


Photo courtesy of @danloving

The “Save Our Chiefs” group isn’t the only KC fan group letting it be known that they want GM Scott Pioli to be fired.

Sports Time, a store in Wichita, Kansas, is currently offering 50 percent off all Chiefs merchandise until the team either wins another game, or Scott Pioli is fired.

The store posted the following message on its website:

"Sports Time Fan Shop is frustrated with the Chiefs just like all the fans are. So, until the Chiefs win another game or Pioli is fired this year, all Chiefs apparel is 50% OFF each and every day!"

You have to hand it to the folks at Sports Time. This is a pretty brilliant marketing move. You’ve got to believe that sales on Chiefs gear are way down, perhaps even non-existent. How many people out there are running to the store to get Matt Cassel jerseys? If someone gave you a Peyton Hillis jersey for Christmas, would you slap them?


Sports Time is not only finding a way to move some unmovable merchandise, but they are also taking advantage of the growing swell of fan anger.

It’s the American way, folks.

For Pioli’s sake, he better hope the sale ends soon. Thanks to a win, of course.

(h/t Bleacher Report)