Chiefs vs. Chargers: Final Injury Report



The Kansas City Chiefs have released their final injury report ahead of tonight’s AFC West showdown with the San Diego Chargers.

Here’s the damage:

Copper, TerranceWRCalfLPLPquestionable
Dorsey, GlennDECalfLPLPLPquestionable
Eachus, NateRBHeadDNPOutOutOut
Maneri, SteveTEAnkleLPLPLPquestionable
Quinn, BradyQBHeadDNPOutOutOut
Routt, StanfordCBHamstringLPLPquestionable
Wylie, DevonWRHamstringFPFPFPprobable

Obviously there will be no Nasty Nate or Brady Quinn tonight, but Routt and Dorsey being questionable is a concern. If Dorsey still isn’t healthy enough to practice in full then I doubt he will play tonight. The Chiefs will likely put him on the shelf as they’ll have ten days between games after tonight.

As for Routt, it might be wise to just sit him as well. Hamstring injuries are notoriously bothersome and at 1-6, there isn’t much sense in risking further injury, especially with a ten day layoff coming. If the Chiefs were somehow in contention then I could see Routt giving it a go but considering the only thing the 2012 Chiefs are in contention for is the number one overall pick in the draft, it might be best if Routt doesn’t play.