Tamba Hali Says Chiefs Have A ‘Different Attitude’



The Kansas City Chiefs are returning from their Bye Week with a new QB and according to starting OLB Tamba Hali, they’re also returning with a new attitude.

“Guys are ready to go,” said Hali in comments released by the team.  “We’ve got our feet under us. We’re coming back with a different attitude. Guys have shaken off all the negative off of them and I think we’re ready to go. We just have to execute in the game and stay positive. Things are not [always] going to go well. The things that go well we’ve got to build on them and that’s part of it. So we’ve got to treat it as the next play and go to the next play.”

The Chiefs have been swamped with negativity this season, though to be fair, most of that bad mojo is their own doing. KC entered the season as a trendy pick to win the AFC West. They were getting a bunch of injured players back and GM Scott Pioli had added depth with some strong free agent acquisitions.

Only things didn’t go as planned.

Once the team started losing, the frustration set in. Fans began calling for the jobs of QB Matt Cassel, head coach Romeo Crennel and Pioli. Then the whole incident with some fans cheering when Matt Cassel got hurt went down, and it seemed like the bad vibes were here to stay.

But the Chiefs still have ten games to play. They entered the Bye Week at what could be considered rock bottom. Sunday’s game against the Raiders is likely the Chiefs’ last chance to make something of their season. Even at 1-5, they’re only two games out of first place in the AFC West. They have a new QB in Brady Quinn. If they can start playing to their talent level, there is a chance they could turn things around.

Hali is right. It all starts with attitude.

Sunday, we’ll find out if the change in perspective ends in wins.