Scott Pioli Speaks: Round 2



Scott Pioli is making his tour of the local media outlets today.

Earlier, we brought you some quotes from his interview with Soren Petro of 810 Sports. To say the interview was dull would be kind.

Before speaking to Petro, Pioli also sat down with the Kansas City Star and reporter Randy Corvitz. Corvitz did a hell of a lot better of a job than Petro with following up on Pioli’s stock talking points. Still nothing great here but at least he tried.

Here are some of the highlights from The Star’s interview:

On Crennel and whether or not he should stop calling defensive plays:

"“I don’t believe his plate is too full. I’ve watched, whether perception or reality, every head coach has a greater input into one side of the ball or the other, or even some times special teams. Romeo has a couple of experienced coaches on the defensive staff that have a lot to do with game-planning, with figuring things out, and (linebackers coach) Gary Gibbs and (secondary coach) Emmitt Thomas along with some other coaches … this is an experienced staff on defense. Romeo is the coordinator, but I’ve seen this before, and it’s worked, and it can continue to work. There are times we are playing very well on defense.”"

On his hope for the team:

"“The hope is we stop doing some of the things we’re undoing ourselves. A big part of our problem is we are undoing things ourselves and we are making mistakes … we’re having penalties at critical times. We’re having turnovers at critical parts of the field. We’re making mistakes on defense and giving up big plays that are critical. We’re having penalties on special teams at critical moments. … The mistakes we’re making, based on the timing of those mistakes are making those mistakes exponentially worse.”"

On whether or not there should be more impact players on the team that he (Pioli) drafted:

"“I think Tyson Jackson is playing well. I think Eric Berry has made an impact. I think Tony Moeaki has made an impact. Right now, there’s clearly not enough players making an impact. You can’t be 1-5 and say players are making an impact. When we won in 2010, a number of those drafted players were making an impact.”"

Check out the entire interview on the Star’s website.