Scott Pioli Speaks: Round 1


Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Scott Pioli stopped by 810 Sports Radio today to be tossed a bunch of softball questions with little to no followup by host Soren Petro.

I jotted down as many quotes as I could live. Here is what we’ve got.

To start with:

-At the end of the day, I’m responsible for the football operations and right now things aren’t going well.

-The bottom line is, the buck stops with me.

On Romeo:

-I am as confident in Romeo today as I was the day we hired him.

-It’s not just Romeo wearing himself out wearing the two hats.

On what has gone wrong:

-Expectations are an interesting thing. When you and I talked this summer I said we need to manage expectations.

-Some if it has been turnovers, some of it has been sloppy play. There is a long list of things we’ve got to get corrected.

-It’s been the timing of the penalties. The timing of the turnovers.

-At the end of the day I have to get better at doing my job before this team can get better.

-Everyone has a hand in this right now and at the end of the day I have the largest hand. I will get this corrected.

On the QB position:

-In my four years here I have never, ever made a decision on what players are active…

-There’s never been a time in my four years here or anywhere else where I made a demand or a suggestion over who should play which position.

On the lack of a first-round QB:

-It’s about making the right decision. It’s not about being right it’s about getting it right.

-It’s opportunity. Based on where we’ve been out in the first round each year or subsequent rounds, trust me for as much criticism as I get, I look at everything.

-This summer I was going back to the ’09 and ’10 drafts to review those drafts.

-If you look at the top QBs picked after we had picks, I’m not sure how many of those guys are performing well*

*This is paraphrased because I am a slow-ass typer and he was talking fast. Essentially Pioli was saying he went back and looked at all the QBs taken after the Chiefs have picked and that none of them are all that great. His point was that he just hasn’t had the opportunity to draft a franchise QB.

-Getting a QB and building the right team. I still believe in that.

-You can do it a lot of ways (building a winner).

On Eric Winston:

-I think when we’re in a situation like we’re in right now, there’s a lot of emotion.

-This guy still loves it here. He still wants to be a part of this.

-I love being here.

-Winning will take care of everything.

Unsatisfying interview to say the least. Pioli will be on 610 Sports later today. Let’s hope they do a better job.