Report: Dwayne Bowe Wants Out Of Kansas City ‘Badly’



Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City “badly.”

This comes after an apparently inaccurate report that the Chiefs and Dolphins were trying to negotiate a trade for Bowe. Cole was speaking on a radio show in Florida and he mentioned that Bowe would be a likely target for the Dolphins. Somehow it got taken the wrong way and rumors started trickling out that there was a trade on the table.

Cole clarified:

I’m afraid there just isn’t a lot of good news out there for Chiefs fans this season. I’m getting weary just reporting all the negativity.

Can anyone really blame Bowe for wanting out of KC? He has no QB, the team won’t offer him a long-term deal and the organization is an absolute mess.

It would appear KC’s only hope of keeping Bowe long-term is if Scott Pioli is replaced and the new GM sees the value in having a stud WR. Otherwise…it doesn’t look too good.