Scott Pioli Firing Rumors Heating Up



Could Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli be unemployed by the end of the day?

The NFL Grim Reaper is making the rounds today and so far it has been a bloodbath.

The Philadelphia Eagles kicked things off by firing their defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Next, just about an hour after the news broke that his purchase of the Cleveland Brows was approved, new owner Jimmy Haslam canned team president Mike Holmgren and hired a new CEO/president by the name of Joe Banner.

Will Pioli be next?

The Chiefs are on their Bye Week and the season is clearly lost. If Clark Hunt decides he wants to make a move during the season, now is the time for him to do it.

And the rumors are beginning to fly:

Yesterday former Chief Bill Mass told Bob Fescore of 610 Sports Radio that he expected Pioli to be fired this week.

Then we got this:

To be fair, these could be nothing more than guesses. It doesn’t take an inside source to realize that Pioli’s job could be in danger.

Still, is Clark Hunt the type of owner who would pull the trigger mid-season?

We may find out by the end of the day. Stay tuned.