Crennel Won’t Comment On Chiefs’ Starting QB Situation



As the Kansas City Chiefs head into the Bye Week at 1-5, head coach Romeo Crennel refuses to comment on the team’s starting QB situation.

Speaking with reporters yesterday, Crennel was asked if Matt Cassel would regain his starting role once he was cleared to play. The Chiefs started backup Brady Quinn last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because Cassel was out with a concussion. Quinn arguably played as bad, if not worse, than Cassel has this season.

For his part, Crennel wouldn’t commit.

“That’s a hypothetical and Matt has not been cleared to practice yet,” said Crennel. “When Matt is cleared to practice football, then we’ll evaluate it and then we’ll make the decision at that time.”

While he isn’t endorsing either QB, it is clear that Crennel isn’t sold on putting Cassel back under center. If that was the case he could have easily said that Matt Cassel is the team’s starting QB and that when he is ready to play, he will be the guy.

Despite his poor performance, the Chiefs may want to see more of Brady Quinn. Cassel has had plenty of snaps and the evaluation on him should be complete. Quinn, on the other hand, despite being a veteran, has limited NFL experience.

The unfortunate thing for Chiefs fans as that it doesn’t appear to matter which QB is under center.

The Chiefs stink either way.