Cassel Cleared For Contact, Crennel Still Clueless



Romeo Crennel said that QB Matt Cassel has been cleared by medical personnel to resume contact at practice.

Yesterday, Crennel wouldn’t comment on whether or not Cassel would be given the starting job back once he was cleared because, well, he hadn’t been cleared. Now that he has been cleared, Crennel says Cassel will split first team reps with Quinn.


This is really stupid. Both QB’s, Quinn and Cassel, need all the practice reps they can get. Quinn, if he is going to be the starter, especially needs the reps. It was clear Sunday that he was catching back up to the speed of the NFL game and that he was not on the same page with WR Dwayne Bowe.

Crennel is showing he has no clue. While it probably won’t make much difference who is starting at QB, the fact remains that whoever it is will benefit from getting all the practice reps.

I don’t know. Maybe Crennel plans on rolling with a two QB system from here on out. Cassel will come in for the fumbles and Quinn for the interceptions…