Chiefs vs. Bucs: Final Predictions



The Kansas City Chiefs face possibly their last chance to save their season today when they travel to Tamp to take on the Bucs.

It is time for final predictions but quite frankly, this one is nearly impossible to predict. The Chiefs will be starting Brady Quinn at QB today and as much as we’d all like to believe he will play better than Matt Cassel, there is simply no way to know. Things could work out or Quinn could crumble under the pressure and show why Cleveland and Denver both gave him the boot.

All that being said, we’re coming down to the wire and so it is time to lay it on the line. I am going with my head over my heart this week. Here is what I told the Bucs fans over at The Pewter Plank when I picked this game:

"I have a good feeling about Sunday. Something about the change at QB and the way the defense played last week has me believing the team may be about to turn the corner. But they’ve been bad this year, as a team and there is simply no way to know what is going to happen with Quinn out there.I love the Chiefs and my heart tells me something good is going to happen Sunday but my head is telling me to look at the evidence. Road game. Unknown quantity at QB. Inconsistent D.KC could blow Tamp out Sunday.But I am going with my head this week, hoping I am wrong. Tampa 26, Chiefs 13."

Let’s hope my heart is right and my head is wrong.

What are your final predictions?