Chiefs Lose To Bucs 38-10



The Kansas City Chiefs are making a strong case for worst team in the NFL.

There is no way to sugarcoat it. The Chiefs continued to screw up any which way they could think of today in a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady Quinn was at QB today instead of Matt Cassel, but the results were the same. His balls were just as poorly thrown and the offense was just as ineffective under his leadership. The Chiefs will now head into the Bye Week and if Cassel is healed, he may just get his starting job back.

Defensively the Chiefs did some things well, but their CBs couldn’t handle Tampa’s big receivers. Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams used their size to box out Brandon Flowers and Standford Routt. Even when the Chiefs had good coverage, the tipped balls seemed to come back down into the hands of the Buccaneer receivers.

Pretty much the only bright spot for the Chiefs came on a blocked punt which was returned for a TD when the Bucs punter tried an ill advised pass after recovering the ball.

The Bucs came out focusing on shutting down the KC running game. It worked.

The Chiefs now head into two weeks of soul searching.

For Chiefs fans, they’ll get to enjoy a Sunday of NFL football where they don’t have to watch KC’s atrocious play.