Chiefs vs. Bucs: Picking The Game



The Brady Quinn era is about to begin in Kansas City and for the players and the fans, more uncertainty awaits.

How long will the Quinn era be? Will he finally show the potential that got him drafted in the first round or will he show why he hasn’t started a game since 2009?

The answer to those questions could lead to plenty of excitement or misery for fans of the Chiefs.

And it all starts Sunday when the Chiefs travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Bucs.

Despite doing some things well last week, the Chiefs are still playing like crap. Mental mistakes and turnovers are killing this young, talented team. The addition of Quinn to the occasion makes the situation even more volition and uncertain. One gets the feeling the entire organization is teetering on the bring of compete disaster. There are calls for Scott Pioli’s job. Crenne’s too. Eric Winston is complaining about fans in the locker room. The starting QB is on the shelf. It’s bad, bad mojo in KC right now.

Quinn could be the tipping point. If he plays as poorly or worse than Cassel, the Chiefs could be heading to a top five pick, which is good or bad depending on your point of view. It could lead to the firing of Crennel and maybe even Pioli.

If Quinn wins? It all might be salvaged.

In picking this week’s game, it would appear the experts are expecting more fire and brimstone in KC.

Let’s take a look at who is (and isn’t) picking the Chiefs.


Only Mike Golic has picked the Chiefs. The rest of the experts, including the fans, are going with the home team.


Accuscore has the Bucs winning in 54% of the simulations. They do think the score could be close. On average, Tampa wins 20.2 to 19.

Madden 13:

The Madden 13 simulation has the Bucs coming out on top 30-17. Brady Quinn plays pretty well, completing 14 of 29 passes for 204 yards, a TD and no picks. Charles runs for 123 yards and a TD on 22 carries. But the KC D can’t stop the Bucs offense.