Brady Quinn Era Could Be Coming In Kansas City



Despite Matt Cassel’s poor play, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel refused to take the QB out of the game.

So the Baltimore Ravens did it for him.

Late in the game, Cassel was pancaked between to Ravens defenders. His head snapped sideways and he went down. It appeared as though he may have briefly lost consciousness. Moments later, Cassel sat up. His eyes were glassy as he waved to the sideline, appealing for the trainers to come out to attend to him. He then laid back down on the turf. Meanwhile, some of the fans in the crowd cheered, presumably celebrating Cassel’s injury.

We won’t get into the despicable behavior of a few idiot fans who can’t tell the difference between what is a game and what is an actual, human situation. Or maybe they can and just don’t care.

Fans have been calling for backup QB Brady Quinn to be given some playing time for a couple of weeks now. Nobody, the decent fans anyway, wanted Quinn’s shot to come because of an injury to Cassel. But today that is how it went down.

It is hard to say if we are looking at the beginning of the Brady Quinn era. Cassel was not benched by Crennel. He left injured. Should Cassel be cleared to play next week, there is a chance he will return to the filed as the starter. If he isn’t, Quinn will get his chance to show what he can do. There is also the possibility that Cassel is cleared but that Crennel will decide it is time to make a change.

After the game, the head coach wouldn’t indicate one way or the other if he would make a change. He said that the team would evaluate Cassel and see. He also said he was pleased with what he saw from Quinn.

If the Chiefs are looking for an excuse to give Quinn a shot, they just got it. If Cassel has a concussion there is a very good chance that he won’t be cleared to play Sunday and even if he is, he could miss most of the week of practice.

I think the smart bet for the Chiefs is to sit Cassel next week whether he is cleared to play or not. KC goes on the road to play the Bucs before heading into their Bye Week. This is the perfect opportunity to give Quinn a tryout against a beatable team. It also gives Cassel plenty of time to rest and heal should his injury be significant.

It is imperative that the Chiefs find some way to right the ship next week. A win would send them into the off week at 2-4 and while they would still face a tough road, the mountain wouldn’t be unclimbable.

What do you think, Addicts? Is the Brady Quinn era beginning or will Crennel go back to Cassel if given the chance?