Chiefs Fans Have A Reputation To Uphold



Things are ugly in Kansas City these days. The Royals are ugly. The Chiefs are ugly. And the fans are ugly, too.

We as fans have every right to be disappointed and outraged at the product the Chiefs have displayed on the field. They are BAD, just flat out bad. As you well know, it hasn’t exactly been an easy decade to be a Chiefs fan. Sure, there were a few bright seasons, but overall, we’ve stood by a losing team year after year after year, hoping that next season will finally be the end of rebuilding and the beginning of dominance. The emotional and financial investment each fan has contributed to the team hasn’t been equally reciprocated. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of looking to next year’s Draft before the halfway point of the season.

In short, the organization has let us down, and it’s fair to hold those involved accountable.

I watched this past Sunday’s game against the Chargers with increasing horror and disgust. One fan suggested we wear paper bags on our heads each Sunday.

Fans want GM Scott Pioli fired, head coach Romeo Crennel fired, QB Matt Cassel benched, and they want owner Clark Hunt to address the public about what his course of action will be. Some fans are even resorting to playground behavior like calling names. Perhaps we fans need a bit of perspective, to take a step back, a deep breath and evaluate where our anger should be directed, and how we should comport ourselves.

Before I go any further, this is not a post defending Matt Cassel. I think he has shown the NFL what he can do, and sadly—for him, and us—his talents won’t be leading any team to a Super Bowl. I also think there is no one more disappointed about that than him. I feel confident stating for the record that he is not playing poorly on purpose. Furthermore, I think if practicing harder would make him better, he would do it. Because that is the persona he has shown to the public: a hard worker. As Andrew Crocker pointed out, it’s hard not to like Matt Cassel.

There are plans this weekend to fly a banner over Arrowhead Stadium prior to the game, urging Hunt to fire Pioli and bench Cassel.

Of all those taking heat, Matt Cassel is the one least responsible for the mess that this team is, for reasons stated above. Pioli is  arguably the biggest culprit because he failed to sign a high-caliber quarterback that would compete for the starting position. Crennel is like a kindly, incoherent politician who contradicts himself during successive interviews. He seems lost as a coach. And Hunt is the silent accomplice, guilty in the fans’ eyes of sitting on his throne of money down in Texas.

Matt Cassel has the unenviable position of very publicly performing a job in a billion-dollar industry, a job for which he is not qualified. I cannot even begin to imagine how he feels as this entire city turns against him, and spouts vitriol.

Chiefs fans are passionate about this team. We are loyal to this team. And our anger and frustration is justified. But we are better than the name-calling, mob mentality that’s on display right now.

Let’s not forget who we are. Let’s not forget that we as Chiefs fans have a reputation as some of the best fans in the NFL. Let’s not stoop to the Chiefs’ level of play. We can be angry, but we shouldn’t be hateful.