Matt Cassel On NFL AM


SDerick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel paid a visit to the fine folks at NFL AM this morning. The Chiefs don’t usually get much coverage on NFL Network so it was nice to see them get a little love. The Chiefs may have started 1-2 and looked terrible for a couple of weeks but the drama surrounding their comeback win against the New Orleans Saints has gotten them some attention.

I was able to jot down some of what Cassel said for you all, as I am sure the rest of you were doing more productive things this morning. like sleeping.

Was it the best comeback he’s ever been a part of?

"Absolutely. And a comeback that we definitely needed at this point in the season. It was a huge first win for us. It was a great team effort. Defense was really, offense, special teams. Everyone stepped up."

On Jamaal Charles:

"He continues to work hard, continues to do all the stuff he needs to do. He’s here as late as anybody is, every single day, working on his physical, mental."

On if the offense is still looking for balance:

"I think it’s all been dictated by the type of game that we’ve had. Last game we had 98 plays. To me, it’s unheard of. I’ve never had 98 plays in a game. The game before that, obviously, we got behind against Buffalo and we had to throw the ball to try to get back in the ballgame. Sometimes, the game dictates the rhythm of the offense. But I think we’re getting a little bit more of a comfort level. But we have to be able to run the ball. That’s a big part of our offense because it sets up play action and it also sets up the passing game."

On Crennel:

"Oh, I love Romeo. He brings a lot of energy and excitement every day. You hear a lot of people say he’s a player’s coach but at the same time he holds everybody accountable. I mean, he gets after us. He coaches technique, fundamentals. That’s exactly what we need as a team."

On Sunday’s game vs. the Chargers:

"Well it’s a huge game and it’s a division rivalry and it’s a huge division game for us. Obviously we’re playing for first place right now. Everybody understands the importance of this game in this building and we’re excited about the opportunity. They’ve got a great defense over there. I think they’re holding opponents to like 63-65 yards a game rushing so that will be a big challenge for us offensively, especially if we’re going to try to run the ball and do some things on the ground. So we’ll just have to get going here and we’ll be up for the challenge. Again, I think everyone’s excited and everybody knows what we’re playing for."

On how many games it will take to win the AFC West:

"I don’t know. I’m not making any predictions right now because you never know. The AFC West, it’s a wild, wild conference. We’ve got a lot of talented teams but hopefully we can just take care of business this weekend and then continue to think about the future later on. As many wins as it’s going to take, hopefully we’ll get there."