Chiefs vs. Packers: 5 Players To Watch


After watching the last two preseason games, there may be a growing number of fans who would rather watch Jersey Shore than the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s been that bad.
Still, there is one more game to go and preseason or no, terrible Chiefs football is better than no Chiefs football.

KC is in Green Bay tonight to take on the Packers. There is no telling how long the KC starters will play in this game, however, Romeo Crennel has said he’d like to see some production out of both units. I don’t anticipate Romeo will push his luck but he is clearly hoping for a defensive stop and a TD drive.

I think we all are.

After the starters sit, it will be time for the “dead men walking” to take the field for one last chance to audition for not only the Chiefs but the rest of the league. Most of the guys you will see playing in the fourth quarter tonight will be out of a job come the weekend.

Here are five players to watch for tonight’s game:

1. Dontari Poe

The Chiefs wanted to bring Poe along slowly but thanks to an injury to Anthony Toribio, Poe is like to get the start tonight. His time against Green Bay’s starters may be short but this will be an excellent chance for Poe to show what he’s learned this offseason. A strong performance could give him some confidence heading into the season. It may also enable him to snag the starting nod from Toribio.

2. Andy Studebaker

Studi is likely going to be your opening day starter thanks to Tamba Hali getting himself suspended. He has never really looked great rushing the passer so I’ll be looking for Studebaker to do a good job of protecting the edge of the KC D. If he can to that and prevent big running plays, I’ll be happy.

3. Jacques Reeves

Reeves will be the starter in place of Jalil Brown, who was starting in place of Brandon Flowers. He has been out of football for a while but the veteran is more experienced than Brown. Hopefully Reeves can put forth a better effort than Brown. If Flowers isn’t ready for the opener, I’d rather have a veteran corner on Roddy White/Julio Jones instead of Brown, who is basically a rookie.

If Reeves is worse than Brown…well…just hope Flowers is ready to go.

4. Dwayne Bowe

Bowe could get more work than most of the starters this week. He’s now been back for a couple of weeks and Crennel may want to get him some extra snaps ahead of the regular season. It would be nice to see Bowe play the entire half, getting some work with both Cassel and Quinn. That could pay dividends for both Quinn and Bowe down the road.

5. Nate Eachus

The Chiefs likely have a pretty good idea what they have in Shaun Draughn and Cyrus Gray. Eachus is still a bit of a mystery. His breakout performance may have come during a time when the Seahawks were running out the clock but he was so unbelievable effective, the Chiefs have to give him a more extended look tonight. Eachus could run his way onto the practice squad.

All right Addicts. Those are five players I’ll be watching tonight. Who will you be keeping an eye on?