Chiefs About Done With Training Camp, Still Waiting On Bowe


The Kansas City Chiefs have only three days of training camp practices remaining.

The team will wrap things up on Thursday when they break camp. They’ll then travel on Friday to take on the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome.

Once camp is over, the Chiefs will resume their practices back in Kansas City. Coaches are fond of saying that camp keeps going, just in a different location but I am thinking the difference between dorm rooms and their own homes will be immense for the players.

We can’t talk about the end of camp without talking about Dwayne Bowe.

Most Chiefs fans I’ve talked to are pretty much disgusted with Bowe. It appears now as if he’ll miss all of training camp and probably Saturday’s preseason game as well.

But will that be all he misses?

It is expected that Bowe will sign his contract tender before the Chiefs play their first regular season game his exact plans remain a mystery. We know Bowe was in Kansas City over the weekend but we don’t know if he ever left. There were multiple false reports that Bowe had or was about to sign his tender last Friday. As we know now, those reports were not accurate.

Hopefully Bowe’s plan all along has been just to avoid going to training camp. If that is the case, it would be smart for him to sign his tender immediately following Saturday’s preseason game. That would give Bowe about three weeks of practice before the regular season opener. Hopefully that will be long enough for Bowe to acclimate himself to Brian Daboll’s offense.

If not, Bowe could spend the early part of the season on the bench. After all, the KC offense sure didn’t look like they needed him last Friday night.