KC Chiefs Training Camp Report: Day 1


Kansas City Chiefs Football is back!

It sure feels good to say that.

It will be a couple of weeks before we see our boys on the field but thanks to Chiefs Nation, Arrowhead Addict has an army of Chiefs reporters on the ground at training camp feeding us information.

Thanks in advance to all of you who are helping out. Big thanks to last year’s camp reporting beast Ryan James, who returns this season and to our Mike Gooding for providing the bulk of the info for this report.

Here are some observations from Mike from yesterday’s practice:

No one got hurt and no one was overcome by the heat. Our strength & conditioning coach has said that the players are in great shape and what I saw today would support that.

Practice was in helmets and shells only today and same tomorrow. Pads on Sunday. Practice started at 3:20 and ran for over 2 hours.

Charles, Moeaki, Berry and Cassel ALL practiced full speed the entire practice.

Winston was seen walking and stopping to talk to a man I couldn’t identify?? After practice taking at least 20 minutes to make the walk.

I spoke to Coach Zorn who said that things are so much better this year that there is no comparison to last year.

Eric Berry, while signing autographs, was asked what was the strangest thing he had sign – he said he had just signed a woman’s breast! Damn I missed that one.

Practice was very well organized, very upbeat with not a second wasted. Many fans commented on the difference from last year.
There wasn’t a bunch of swearing and screaming like last year. Only heard one F-bomb when a second fumble happened in the backfield – give Daboll credit.

There was a band, free hot dogs and more covered bleachers this year.

Gold star on the fridge for Pioli – we are deep at so many positions that we are already worrying about who will be cut and how they could have helped us. Especially at WR and RB.


Charles was going full steam, making the cuts and looked explosive! Thank you, God! No multiple back sets were run – can’t wait to see JC, Hills & DMC together.

Cassel looked ok to start and seemed to find his groove. Fired a bullet just beyond DJ and Routt to Baldwin who took to the house.

Stanzi looks very good. Quinn was efficient. I don’t see Tanney making the team – maybe practice squad?

Baldwin was GROWLING during the receiver drills! He is going to be a beast!

Dexter looked more comfortable running routes and oh so quick – Daboll is going to use him all over the field.

Breaston made a really nice TD catch as did Tony Moeaki. Moeaki and Boss were talking a lot between plays – developing chemistry.

Daboll worked quite a bit with the WRs focusing on footwork, staying low and keeping their eyes up. There were very few dropped balls or bad passes.

Winston was very good, Mims is gigantic was moving well and put a couple guys on the ground!

Hillis looked so strong and fast. He was exceptional catching the ball as were all of the RBs out of the backfield, which I think will be a major component of Daboll’s attack.

Gray looks quick and can make the cuts like JC – great insurance policy.

Draughn got lots of carries and looked very impressive – wish he could have gotten some game carries last year.


I really like Dexter Heyman who looked fast and aggressive. Bailey was overpowering and is getting better every day.

Poe looked strong in the middle and Coach Pleasant was working with him 1 on 1 in between drills.

The defense as a whole looked very strong against the run with many plays getting stuffed in the backfield as the practice progressed.

Routt looks strong and will make us forget about the other Brandon. Arenas continues to develop in coverage and is definitely the biggest class clown on the team.

DWash was there – I figured the team would send him packing after the DUI/possession.

Houston was strong, fast and had a couple nice pass defenses.

The pass rush flushed Quinn numerous times.

Tyson Jackson looked bigger and stronger??

Special Teams:

Colquitt was booming the ball with some serious hang time.

Breaston was returning the majority of punts with Arenas and McCluster and Wylie getting some reps too.

There seemed to be quite a bit of time spent on special teams kick coverage with little emphasis on the return.

Here are some other observations via Twitter from Ryan James: