Are The Kansas City Chiefs Built To Be A Dynasty?


Are the Kansas City Chiefs built to be a dynasty?

It is a fair question and the D word is getting tossed around a lot lately, thanks to Eagles QB Michael Vick who said he thought the Eagles had the makings of a dynasty.

We all know the Chiefs are going to need to win a freaking playoff game before anyone can start tossing around the word dynasty but Matt Miller, a really excellent writer from over at Bleacher Report, decided to take a look at some NFL teams that he feels could be putting the pieces together for potential long-term success.

And the Chiefs made the list.

Here is a bit of what Miller said about KC:

"Key Players (under 30 years old): RB Jamaal Charles, OT Eric Winston, LB Derrick Johnson, LB Tamba Hali, CB Brandon Flowers, SS Eric BerryWhat’s Here: There isn’t a player over 30 years old on the entire roster, a credit to Scott Pioli’s team building. With Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry, the Chiefs have two of the most exciting young players in the NFL. Add in the game’s best right tackle in Eric Winston and a solid line around him as well.The defense is anchored by Berry, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston and Brandon Flowers—pretty good, considering they’re all still developing."

Part of Miller’s criteria here was that the teams have a solid core of under 30 players. The Chiefs, when they hit training camp this week, will be the youngest team in the NFL.

The question mark here is obviously QB Matt Cassel. Still, it is nice to see other NFL writers are starting to notice the stockpile of talent on the Chiefs’ roster.

Check out Miller’s full article over at Bleacher Report.