Dontari Poe’s Backside May Be The Key To His NFL Success


Mike Mayock got very excited after getting a look at DT Dontari Poe’s butt.

“You guys, look at that butt … are you kidding me,” Mayock said to Warren Sapp and Mike Lombardi on the NFL Network set at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

If you are thinking Mayock’s mates responded with laughter and ridicule, well, you’re thinking wrong.

“That looked so good, didn’t it? Holy smokes,” responded Sapp.

“I’m sorry, I’m getting all excited,” added Mayock.

Yep. That conversation happened. Here is the rest of it.

Lombardi: “Oh … ”

Mayock: “I’m beside myself.”

Lombardi: “That butt, now that’s where you get your power from.”

The conversation comes courtesy of which has an entire article devoted to the powers of the athlete’s ass.

Hey, it’ s July during the All-Star break. What do you want?

The article is funny and definitely worth a look. It also contains some new/interesting information about Poe and his practices with the Chiefs during OTAs.

"This summer, after he was taken 11th overall by the Chiefs, Poe spent most of his first rookie minicamp in a four-point stance. He worked for hours on uncoiling at the snap and transferring the stored energy from his hips upward, violently, into the center’s chest. When his effort lagged, Chiefs defensive line coach Anthony Pleasant reminded Poe where his power base was by slapping him, loudly, on his hubcap-size hindquarters. After one such prodding near the goal line, Poe blasted out of his stance, knocking an assistant coach woozy and halfway back to the goalpost. “That’s my anchor,” Poe says proudly. “I’ve had it since I was a kid, and I appreciate the compliments. But it’s a little strange that so many people are talking about it.”"

We already knew that Poe is enormous but it is good to know he also has the tools when it comes to being able to generate power when exploding at the line. If Romeo Crennel can teach Poe to harness that power and direct it all toward opposing offensive lineman, the Chiefs could be very, very happy with their 2012 first round pick.