NFL To Make Coaches Film Available


The NFL has announced that they are finally going to make “Coaches Film” available for the first time.

Previously, fans and even experts like the folks at Pro Football Focus, had to reply on the TV footage to do their analysis of how a player was performing. Now, if you purchase NFL Game Rewind for the low, low price of $60, you can get all the extra views that the coaches get to use in the film room.

This means sites like PFF are likely to become even more accurate in their grading, particularly when it comes to receivers and DB’s.

I’ll be purchasing Directv’s Sunday Ticket this year so I can catch the Chiefs so I think I’ll sit this one out but I know some of our analysts at FanSided will be excited to hear this news. What do you think Addicts? Will you purchase the new package to get a better look at the game film?