Chiefs Try Out 10 Players


Yesterday we told you that the Chiefs would be trying out 10 players during their rookie mini-camp this weekend and that former Missouri TE Martin Rucker would be one of those players.

Now we know who the rest of them are.

Along with Rucker, the Chiefs will give a look to LB Leon Williams (6-4, 237), OL Jacob Phillips (6-6, 297), LS Clint Mower (6-3, 215), QB David LeGree (6-5, 230), WR/LS James Winchester (6-3, 200), DB Dominique Ellis (5-11, 195), K Jason Cunningham (6-1, 180), LS Tom DeTemple (6-2, 232), P Paul Hershey (6-3, 198).

Obviously the Chiefs are taking a hard look at specialty positions like long snapper, kicker and punter. This makes sense and it is something teams do every offseason. It isn’t an indication that the team is unhappy with Ryan Succop or Dustin Colquitt. They are just checking out what players might be available should something happen to one of their kickers. A season can quickly become derailed if a team suddenly finds itself without a reliable kicker. This is just more smart work by Scott Pioli. If the team finds a kicker they like this offseason, they’ll likely tell him to be ready and will keep him on speed dial should anything happen to their starter.