NFL Draft Grades: Chiefs Fans Weigh In


The Kansas City Chiefs selected eight new players in the 2012 NFL draft and now it is time to see how Chiefs nation graded the team.

We all got out our red pens over the weekend and the Arrowhead Addict community graded each pick shortly after it was made. We polled you on all eight players. Let’s take a look at the results!

(rd. 1): Dontari Poe – B

(rd. 2): Jeff Allen – B

(rd. 3): Donald Stephenson – B

(rd. 4): Devon Wiley – B

(rd. 5): DeQuan Menzie – B

(rd. 6): Cyrus Gray – A

(rd. 7): Jerome Long – B

(rd. 7)- Junior Hemingway – B

Some of these are pretty close. Enough people gave the Poe pick a C that you could call it a B-. There are a couple of these B grades that are maybe a B+ based on the amount of A’s given out.

All in all, this draft is pretty lukewarm with Chiefs fans. I think that is OK. This certainly wasn’t a sexy draft like the one Pioli put together in 2010 but that doesn’t mean it will be any less effective. We often hear that football is a game won in the trenches. Pioli just invested a lot in his lines.

Let’s hope it pays off.