Final Four Open Thread: Jayhawks vs. Buckeyes


Been a slow, slow day around AA today. There isn’t a shred of Chiefs news floating around out there so I thought I’d throw up an open thread for all of you watching the Final Four.

I’m watching Kentucky and Louisville get underway here. Dang is Kentucky good.

I figure all of us have some sort of rooting interest in the games, whether you’re a Jayhawks fan or rooting against the Jayhwaks because you root for K-State or Mizzou or simply because you filled out a bracket.

As most of you know, I’m somewhat of an abnormality as far as Chiefs fans go. Originally from Ohio, the Chiefs are my only KC team (hey, would YOU root for the Browns?) Other than the Chiefs, I’m an Indians, Cavs and yes, Ohio State fan all the way.

So tonight, I’ll be rooting for the Buckeyes. Should be good for a little trash talking in the open thread.

Are you watching the games? Who are you pulling for? Feel free to use the thread to talk about all the action. I figure things will pick up a bit when the Buckeyes and Jayhawks do battle.