Matt Flynn Signs With Seahawks


Matt Flynn, formerly of the Green Bay Packers, has signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

While this isn’t Chiefs news, it does impact our boys in Kansas City. There are a number of teams who have been going after QBs this offseason, including the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns and of course, the Kansas City Chiefs. Many of these teams were in the Manning Derby, yet as Manning has turned down suitors, teams have been forced to look elsewhere for help.

As the QB pool becomes smaller, teams can get more and more desperate. Had the Seahawks not landed Flynn, there was a chance they might have considered taking Ryan Tennehill with the 12th pick in the Draft. The Chiefs pick right in front of Seattle at #11, which would have made KC a prime trade partner for a team wishing to move ahead of Seattle to get Tannehill. Now that the Seahawks have their man, it might not be as easy for the Chiefs to trade back.

The QB-shuffle figures to continue this week. Peyton Manning will likely make a decision soon and since the 49ers have emerged as one of the teams seeking #18, QB Alex Smith has begun visiting teams. There is a good chance that Smith will leave San Francisco regardless of where Manning goes as he is reportedly angry over the 49ers’ lack of faith in him.

Each of these moves will impact Kansas City’s draft because a number of these teams looking for help at QB pick before them. In fact, should Manning go to San Francisco and Smith to Miami, there is a very good chance that Tannehill will be available when the Chiefs pick. Look at the current draft order:

1. Indy (Luck)

2. Redskins (RGIII)

3. Vikings (No QB need)

4. Browns (?)

The Browns are a wild card. They tried to trade for the #2 pick to get RGIII but failed. They obviously aren’t thrilled with Colt McCoy but are they going to reach for Tannehill at #4? They have two first round picks so they could certainly take a chance here with little risk. Still, I don’t think they do it. The Browns are terrible at WR and it will be hard for them to resist Blackmon.

5. Bucs (No QB need)

6. Rams (No QB need)

7. Jags (No QB need)

8. Dolphins (?)

If the Phins don’t get Smith, they will probably take Tannehill. But if they do get Smith, they pass on QB here.

9. Panthers (No QB need)

10. Bills (No QB need)

11. Chiefs (?)

I think the signing of Brady Quinn has most KC fans believing that the Chiefs are rolling with Cassel next season but don’t be so sure. The Chiefs signed Quinn to a one-year deal and they drafted Ricky Stanzi in the 5th round last year. The Chiefs would likely have no problem going to camp with four QBs. Cutting Quinn or Stanzi wouldn’t be much of a blow to the team’s salary cap. At that point, the Chiefs could also consider moving one of their signal callers via a trade. I don’t think the team would want to go into the season without Cassel as at least their backup but if Tannehill wows them in camp they just might move on.

This is all very far-fetched of course. I don’t think Scott Pioli will draft Tannehill but you never know. It really depends on where the Chiefs have him on their draft board. If he is their highest rated player when their number gets called, KC could have a decision to make.

What do you think, Addicts? How does the Flynn signing impact the draft landscape? If Tannehill is there at #11, do you want the Chiefs to pull the trigger?