Report: Peyton Manning Declined To Meet With Chiefs


According to the Denver Post, both the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks reached out to Peyton Manning in an effort to bring the QB in for an interview.

And Manning declined.

This is obviously crushing if it is true. If Manning declined to even meet with the Chiefs then they were never really in the race to begin with. It looks as though now, unless everything we are hearing is false, that Manning will return to his Miami home to decide between the Arizona Cardinals and (barf) the Denver Broncos.

When it is all said and done, we’ll have to ask ourselves why Manning refused to even consider Kansas City. The Chiefs have a very talented young roster and arguably more talent on offense than the Broncos. Still, it appears there is something about either the roster or the organization that turned Manning off.

With RGIII going to the Redskins and Manning likely out of the picture, it is hard to see the Chiefs finding a legitimate replacement for Matt Cassel in 2012. They’ll likely bring in some competition but it would appear that the dream of Kansas City bringing in a clear cut starter at QB seems to be ending.