Scott Pioli Says Chiefs Are Still Trying To Re-Sign Brandon Carr


Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli stopped by the Boarder Patrol on 810 Sports this morning to talk about a number of topics, including the future of CB Brandon Carr.

The team signed free agent CB Stanford Routt yesterday, leading many folks to speculate that the team will now move on from Carr, a four-year starter with the Chiefs.

According to Pioli, however, the team is still trying to re-sigh Carr.

“The signing of Stanford Routt does not impact where we’re at with Brandon Carr. Romeo and I both reached out to Carr and spoke with him. I spoke personally with Brandon.”

Pioli has said things in the past (“it takes two for a marriage”) that has led me to believe that he was trying to set the fan base up for the reality that Carr and Bowe would not be back. This quote, however, is more reassuring. It really sounded to me like the Chiefs are hoping to keep Carr. Whether or not Carr will accept their offer remains to be seen. Pioli did say that the Chiefs want Carr in Kansas City and that Carr wants to be in Kansas City. He added that if there is a deal that makes sense for both sides then Carr will be back.

Let’s hope the team and Carr are able to figure something out. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up here, and if Carr wants more than the Chiefs are willing to pay he likely will be able to get it elsewhere but a Flowers, Carr, Routt and Arenas secondary, with Berry and Lewis would be ridiculous.

As for Routt, Pioli said the Chiefs were just trying to help him out. He is, after all, a former Raider.

“We’re trying to clean up his life a little bit to get him out here to be a Kansas City Chief,” Pioli said. “We’re trying to make an honest man out of him.”