NFL Expands Thursday Night Football Coverage


In what was an otherwise dull press conference, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the NFL would expand its Thursday Night Football coverage on NFL Network.

Since the league started broadcasting games on NFL Network, the coverage did not start until halfway through the season. According to Goodell, however, those days are over. Thursday Night Football will now start in Week 2 and will continue through Week 15.

And every NFL team will be featured.

Even the Chiefs.

This is a brilliant move by the NFL. They get more primetime games and more primetime coverage for their teams. Now every single NFL team will have at least one primetime game.

We won’t know whether or not KC’s TNF appearance will be at Arrowhead until the schedule is released. The Chiefs have been great the last two years when playing in primetime, so let’s hope this year’s contest is a home game.

I think it would be cool for the NFL to structure the matchups so they are division clashes, making Thursdays “rivalry night.” Then they could also flip the schedule each year to give each team a home game every other year.

For those of you still languishing in the hell that is Time Warner Cable, I highly suggest you call DirecTV.

Now if we can just get football on Tuesdays.

And Wednesdays.